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Creating a stronger, healthier you

Our Mission

 Functional Fitness is focused on training your muscles to work together and building bodies capable of doing real-life activities in everyday situations.  We don't limit challenges, we challenge limits.  We are a community of people committed to pushing ourselves, encouraging each other, and becoming the strongest and healthiest individuals that we can be.

Programs & pricing

 - Functional Strength/Conditioning -
- Weightlifting -
- Personal Training -
- Sports-Specific Training -
- Speed and Agility Programs -
Functional Strength/Conditioning classes are $10 per session and can be purchased as a single class or multiple classes at a time.  Your first class is FREE!
Please inquire for pricing on additional programs and offerings.


Our Address:

8086 North 2000E Rd., Ste. 2

Manteno, IL 60950

Ready to begin the journey to a stronger, healthier you?  Contact us!